October 18, 2017


Last year, we decided to plan a family holiday to Marbella including grandparents, siblings and cousins – a big family affair! For me, getting the right choice of stroller was first on the list of things to get sorted. I knew we’d be using this from the moment we left the UK and every day for two weeks, so getting it right was important.


The stroller checklist


My little girl Erin is only 22 months, so she is very much still reliant on a stroller for afternoon naps and when her little legs get tired from her eagerness to walk, or should I say run, everywhere. On the tick list was a stroller that was not only lightweight but also had a one hand compact fold, a recline for those afternoon naps in the sunshine and a good size basket for all the necessities of a holiday with a young child. Where to start!


I knew brands such as Babyzen, Recaro and Ickkle Bubba offer the smaller compact fold strollers. When I was researching which one to go for, I came across the Familidoo Air travel stroller and all I can say is – WOW, WOW, WOW! I loved the striking panda black print on the hood and harness – it was both colourful and bright! The trike-style handle at the front of the stroller for the child to hold onto was unique. It certainly ticked all our boxes and as it was under £150, it was the stroller for us. So, the journey began, we were off!


Travelling with the Familidoo Air travel stroller


The first task for any parent with young children is how you’re going to manage at the airport. With two huge suitcases, two over-packed hand luggage bags, a car seat for the hire car, a packed lunch for Erin and the stroller, you have your hands full! But, all my fears were put aside as the one hand fold could not have been any easier. Erin was literally in the buggy before all the contents of our car was emptied. The carry bag fitted perfectly in the basket along with the rain cover and I could put her lunch bag underneath with lots of space to spare.



Despite looking compact in size, the basket was surprisingly spacious. The fact it’s slightly at an angle makes it easier when you bend down to get anything out. The bonus of getting the travel bag included is that it’s so much easier when you have to hand it over to go in the hold of the plane. The carry bag has a handle and enough room to put a blanket and rain cover inside creating more free space when traveling.


Arriving in the sunshine


As the stroller was freestanding when folded, it made it easy to leave in the hallway in the villa. Due to the size, it was never in the way and when the grandparents took Erin for a walk, they could do so without asking me for help. They could just unfold and go! I was never worried if they did have to lift it as the weight (5.2kg) is so light! The fact the stroller can be used from birth meant it had a great multi recline. Plus, the handle the child can hold onto can also be taken out, meaning they have the full seat to relax into. The mesh panel in the hood was great when in the evening, she would sometimes take a nap after dinner. I could then see her and even leave it open to circulate more air to her head. The hood is so light to lift and gave fantastic sunshade coverage for Erin as most days the temperature would be in the high 30s.


A big thumbs up!


The brake at the back was not only flip flop friendly but also very stable and hard-wearing. You really felt the brake was on. The wheels were solid plastic and all four could swivel, so it was easy to manoeuvre. The stroller felt like it glided along the pavements, and even on uneven terrain, it took the ride well. The 5-point harness made me feel much more at ease. I knew she was comfortable and the chest and crotch pads were so soft to touch. Often, Erin would hold the chest pads as a comforter.




The only added feature I would add is a pocket on the back of the stroller. This would be ideal for little items such as a dummy, Erin’s snacks or even my purse to go into. At the end of the day, we were really pleased with our purchase. I have already recommended this to many of my friends.


Even now, we use the stroller most weekends and she naps better in it than in her bigger pram.


Here is the proof…




I have three main roles to play in my crazy little world and it starts with being a mummy to the beautiful Erin, a loving and very proud wife to Keith and finally the Business Development Manager for Uber Kids. I have been in the nursery industry for over 10 years and my love and buzz for it remains as strong 10 years on and my work here at Uber Kids gives me the creative scope I have always wanted to achieve in my career - I can officially say I love my job! I also love nothing more than creating special memories with my little family whether it be trips to the zoo in the pouring rain (it always seems a good idea to set off in the rain thinking it will stop when you get there) or just lazy Sundays at home watching Peppa Pig on repeat whilst my husband cooks a wonderful roast dinner. But most importantly life is about love and laughter, both at home and work!


For more information, please visit: https://www.uberkids.co.uk/



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