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Familidoo Air Wandermust Family review

If there is one place in the world where you need a compact travel stroller it is travelling around Japan. Everyone knows that space is at a premium when travelling around Japan and this is true for strollers. So when we were given the chance to test out the new to the UK market Familidoo Air stroller we jumped at the chance. We really put it through the test in Japan from fitting it in every right space imaginable to taking it off road and on some hard core terrain. Here’s our honest opinion in our Familidoo Air stroller Review:

Familidoo Air stroller as cabin bag carry on

One of the big selling points of the Familidoo Air stroller as a travel stroller is that it can be taken as carry on. It comes with its own carry on bag and can be put up and down with one hand. Perfect for even solo travellers. The Familidoo Air stroller weighing just over 5kgs means that it is light, making it very easy to put into the overhead lockers!

How does the Familidoo Air stroller take the pressure of travel

One of the problems we have found with travel strollers in the past is that they rarely live up to the rigours of day to day life. We took the Familidoo Air stroller on our almost month long trip to Japan which meant we had plenty of opportunities to put it to the test of daily life!

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Japan

The Familidoo Air stroller did not disappoint!

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Japan

We put the stroller to the test over many different terrains – from gravel, to off road to city life, the Familidoo Air stroller acted perfectly on all surfaces.

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Japan

For me, one of the most important aspects of any stroller is how comfortable it is for baby at nap time. Our little one found the Familidoo Air stroller very comfortable and managed to nap in it frequently.

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Tokyo Disney

The design of the Familidoo

The Familidoo Air stroller is perfectly designed and not only in its fold down qualities. The stroller itself has useful storage underneath the main section, which came in very useful on our days out. It has the best hood of any stroller I’ve ever had which came in handy on the very sunny days we experienced in Japan. But most of all, I love the fun patterns that the stroller comes in. Our version is called Black Panda and features a range of fun cartoon characters.

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Japan

Overall verdict on the Familidoo Air stroller

I LOVED the Familidoo Air stroller! Having gone through a couple of travel strollers already, I was so impressed with how this travel stroller coped with the rigours of our trip. From airplane and train travel to off roading at shrines and temples, the Familidoo Air stroller took everything I, and my very demanding toddler threw at it. I would definitely recommend to any one looking for a new compact stroller!

The details

The Familidoo Air stroller costs £149.99. Retailers can be found via Little Saints.

Familidoo Air Stroller Review – Testing in Japan

We were given a Familidoo Air stroller for review purposes but all views are our own.



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